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    Oman Broadband


    Overview - Oman Broadband

    Oman Broadband has exclusive Monopoly over the fiber optic network throughout Oman and is responsible for establishing and upholding a broadband infrastructure for service providers such as Omantel, Ooredoo, and Awasr in the country. Their main objective is to achieve widespread coverage across the Sultanate, which will result in significant economic advantages, in line with the government's objective of creating a sustainable knowledge-based economy.

    Product Offering:

    Communicate without compromise with Geofencing Automation

    Our Objective:

    The Advertising process can be a necessary evil while planning a campaign, a hassle that the Oman Broadband seeks to alleviate with a new methodology to reach their set of defined audiences. Adz Network sought to understand the “whys” and “why nots” behind Ad engagements. We analyzed & planned a nationwide brand awareness campaign for a year where their coverage of the fiber optic was laid out, By utilizing geofenced touchpoints, Oman Broadband now effectively influences their target audience. This enables them to instantly impact the current and future behavioral analytics of the user, thanks to our patented technology. By precisely monitoring the data points of a person's location, whether they are at a point of interest, in a parking lot, or just passing by, Oman Broadband now gets enhanced maximum visibility and awareness to their coverage map audience.