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What are cookies?

Cookies refer to tiny text files that contain a sequence of characters. These files can be stored on your computer or mobile device to identify your browser or device uniquely. It is important to note that cookies do not cause any harm to your computer or files. They simply enable a website or service to determine whether your device has previously accessed that particular site or service. Cookies serve the purpose of providing insights into the usage of a website or service. They facilitate smooth navigation between pages, store your preferences, and enhance your overall browsing experience. Additionally, cookies aid in delivering personalized online advertising that is more relevant to your interests. You have the option to choose which cookies you want to allow for a better browsing experience. The website may place the following types of cookies:

Types of cookies

Necessary : Non-Customized

Essential cookies play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality of a website by facilitating fundamental features such as page browsing and entry to protected sections of the site. These cookies are indispensable, and without them, the website would not operate effectively.

Analytics cookies : Non-Customized

Analytics cookies aid website proprietors in comprehending how users engage with websites by anonymously gathering and disclosing information.

Statistics and Preferences cookies: Customized

Statistics and Preferences cookies allow a website to retain data that alters its behavior or appearance, such as your favoured language or geographic location.

Marketing cookies: Customized

Marketing cookies are employed to monitor the movements of visitors across various websites. The primary objective is to showcase advertisements that are pertinent and captivating to the specific user, which in turn, generates more worth for publishers and third-party advertisers.