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    Overview - Awasr

    AWASR is one of the leading Internet service providers in the Sultanate of Oman. The Specialised Broadband Provider is the third fixed-line operator in offering fiber-optic networks for home and business internet connections.

    Product Offering:

    Did someone say free? Enjoy EXTRA Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra?? Sign up with Awasr and enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps for free. Enjoy extra now!


    Awasr as a fixed-line operator was expanding within several regions of Muscat and nearby Wilayat’s. Nearly half of online ads served aren’t delivered to the audience those advertisers intended, with campaigns particularly struggling to target a niche audience, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. A good rule of thumb is “garbage in, garbage out”; discernments created from high-quality human mobility data across the target areas of the Sultanate that not only gives us a stronger grounding from which the AI can make decisions, but you also won’t spend cash on audience data you can’t possibly use Adz Network created a campaign leveling the imprecision of Digital Advertisements to particularly acute for campaigns targeting geographic positions that Awasr intended to reach using the Rich data Analytics and audience movement pattern intelligence across the areas of Mabaila, Al Khoud, Al Khuwair, and Al Saadah. The provinces in the second phase were extended for the consecutive monthly campaign’s advertisement. Landing page was created for both English and Arabic Audience along with the lucrative Ad Copy which potentially enhances the bottom-line of the advertising campaigns.