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    VPAN (Vocal Panjika)

    First global voice analysis platform for digital marketplace

    VPAN technology facilitates a quick and effective decision-making process based on the intensity of the frequency spectrum of any available human speech data. Envision the relationship between physics of sound and speech which VPAN identifies as stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions that expose the expressive profile and sensitive decision points of your prospects.

    VPAN in action

    The importance
    of human speaking
    of emotional diamond
    Advertisement efficiency to grant
    insights into human behavior and consumer habits via graphic and speech
    Decision Paralysis to influence
    their decisions into interested Prospects
    Evaluating satisfaction with unique abilities to explore and understand
    different emotions and vocal persona via our statistical learning algorithms
    Analyzing the hidden vocal spectrum of more than 100 parameters from
    each voice segment responses that a digital marketer can ever identify

    Benefits of using VPAN for Brands

    Never before in the digital world, the authenticity

    of lead can be measured in the better form ensuring customer to reach only their niche audience

    As advertisement avoidance technologies rise and

    generational tolerance for traditional marketing and lead generation marketplace gets flooded, the digital agency has become a marketer’s best brand advocate. VPAN acts as a catalyst between the brand and the marketer.

    Use VPAN for your digital campaigns across all

    the domains. VPAN can be deployed in call centers, HR recruitment, Insurance, and credit risk platforms.

    Identify the emotional

    diamond of your customers towards your brand.

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