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    Location-based marketing technology to engage the audience within a defined geography, understanding how customers behave on-the-ground using predictive models and giving insights to make smarter decisions for the business.

    Cognitive Marketing

    The Uncommon sense of who and why uncovering emotional, behavioral, and a dynamic, 360° understanding of the consumer

    OOH Smart Advertising

    Smart Out-of-home advertising with Data-driven ecosystem leveraging resonance via data science insights into consumer behavior, preference, purchasing decisions and habits

    Insights & Analytics

    We believe data should be liberating as opposed to limiting. Understanding the pulse of data and decisions made are our major drivers in this digital world

    Experience Content Studio

    An imperative design mantra. We do what we love. What we love inspires us.

    Brand Strategy

    Stealing the spotlight using advertising strategy during these disruptive times and better position the brands to seize share of market and voice

    SEO & SEM

    A perspective to Reach, engage and measure today’s empowered consumer

    Social Marketing & Execution

    Like’ it or not, tackling the future of socially charged advertising is our next move.

    Performance Marketing

    With performance marketing, we are closer than we have ever been. It all starts with using the right data to understand what motivates consumers and then acting on it for defined outcomes

    Programmatic Media

    Adz online programmatic ad group platform coupled with premium owned and operated audience data that marketers leverage to plan, activate and analyze their marketing campaigns across media, improve the relevance of their customer engagement, and more reliably analyze campaign results

    Mobile Marketing

    Mobile usage is exploding, and it’s not hard to see why most of us keep our smartphones with us all day long. Indulge in mobile marketing fizz via SMS, Push Notification, Emailers, Mobile Applications, QR Codes, and other mobile-first Ad services


    An Integrated 3D Holographic system that allows to create and display of holographic visuals perceived as objects floating in the air coupled with management software

    PR and Corporate Communications

    Understand brand appeal and alignment to customer needs with long term brand building via short term initiation.

    Product Launch and Marketing

    Optimum brand launch experience, enabling you to listen and act upon it to embrace the experience economy. Beta phase solution armed with a comprehensive story on how the brand could grow the category by attracting non-buyers and trading up existing buyers.